Korean Language Training (C1& C2)

Program Overview

The Korean language is one of the most spoken languages in the world Korean is spoken by more than 80 million people and is spoken by people living in Korea, China, Japan, and Russia. Learn how to speak Korean Learn the basics and beyond of the Korean language with Careerera, and after learning how to speak and understand this excellent language, you will: 1: Make friends: The fastest way to meet new friends is to learn their language. Koreans are very friendly and enthusiastic about meeting foreigners, so you will never have trouble making friends if you speak Korean 2: Travel: By learning the basics of the Korean language, you will talk to many people who can assist you on your travels and give you tips on what to do and where to go 3: Business: If your work sends you to Korea or you would like to travel there for business purposes, it will be beneficial to know how to speak basic Korean Careerera's Korean language course - Careerera has well-trained trainers online who are always available for students. The students do not have to wait to attend the class. They can attend their classes at any time, as they will be having access to the LMS where learners can watch the live recording sessions whenever they want. We at Careerera make sure that the learning must go on. The Korean language is taught through modern technology. The Korean language course C1 is for all those who want to learn the Korean Language. This C1 and C2 Korean language course is designed for all learners already proficient in this language as this level enables them to. Become professors and can teach in any university comfortably. The Korean language courses online consist of all four parts, namely. 1) Writing 2) Speaking 3) Reading 4) Listening What are the Course highlights of the Korean language from Careerera? The students are provided with one-to-one interaction with their teachers online. They are also given homework, assignments, projects, and other materials necessary for learning to make them learn independently. The students can improve their skills through these materials. The Korean language class online includes grammar notes that help the students understand the rules to speak and write incorrect forms. Online Korean lessons – we at Careerera provide the most effective and the most convenient means of studying Korean online. We offer a wide range of materials and tools such as listening tests, audio and video materials, flashcards, and exercises with the correct answers. Our experienced teachers will help you to quickly master both easy and complex topics of the Korean language. Our language courses are also prepared for professional development. The variety of special courses includes: – Korean language and culture (from beginner to advanced level) for corporate employees; – Korean language and business (from beginner to advanced - level) for English-speaking students; – Business Korean classes (Business Korean, Business Korean 2nd edition, Business Korean 3rd edition) for those who need to use the Korean language at work, as well as those who want to learn the essential words and phrases used in business; What are the levels of the Korean Language? C1 - Effective operational proficiency or Advanced Can understand a wide range of demanding, longer clauses and recognize implicit meaning Can express ideas fluently and spontaneously in Korean without much obvious searching for expressions Can use Korean flexibly and effectively for social, academic, and professional purposes Can produce clear, well-structured, detailed Korean text on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organizational patterns, connectors, and cohesive devices C2 - Master or Proficiency after this course, participants will be Able to understand with ease virtually everything heard or read Can summarize information from different spoken and written sources, reconstructing arguments and accounts in a coherent Korean presentation They can express themselves spontaneously, fluently, and precisely, differentiating more pleasing shades of meaning even in the most complex situations.

Korean Language Training (C1& C2)

  1. 70000.00
  • 80 Hours Program
  • Live Online
  • Industry Based Trainers
  • Students Handouts

Key Highlights

  • Live Online80 Hours Program
  • Experienced FacultiesLive Online
  • Students HandoutsIndustry Based Trainers
  • Solid FoundationStudents Handouts
  • Solid FoundationExpert Experienced Trainers
  • Solid Foundation1:1 Doubt Session
  • Solid FoundationLearning Management System
  • Solid Foundation24*7 Career Support

Program Objective

  • Travel Experience

  • Apology

  • Country wise Culture

  • City

  • Animal

  • Etiquette and Rule

  • Our House

  • Star and Fan

  • Company where I want to work

  • Information/News

  • Communication/Delivery

  • Mending and Repair

  • Language and Culture

  • Separation/Farewell

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$840.00 US Dollar

3080.00 Dirham

₹70000.00 + 18% GST

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